星期一, 10月 29, 2018

Online eMMC CRC7 Calculation

CRC7 Calculator
Here page was implemented in Javascript to calculate CRC7 which were defined in eMMC Standard.
According to eMMC Standard, CRC7 check is used for all commands, for all responses except type R3, and for the CSD and CID registers.
The CRC7 is a 7-bit value and is computed as follows:

Input data in HEX for calculation. The data will streaming into the CRC7 function, from MSB to LSB, and then generate CRC7 accordingly. You can separate your input with space to make it more readable. The space will be ignore automatically.
If you input characters other than HEX characters, you will get an ERROR. Please check your input again if you got an ERROR.
The resulted CRC7 are printed from MSB to LSB too.

Value in HEX

Here is a more general Online CRC Calculator that can do the same thing by setting the CRC polynomial as bit sequence 10001001.

In eMMC standard, CRC16 is used for payload protection in block transfer mode. The CRC check sum is a 16-bit value and computed as follows:
You can also generate CRC16 on the page by setting the CRC polynomial sequence 10001000000100001.